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Robin did a terrific job picking up the pieces after another legal firm dropped the ball.  She was professional, fast, and made the entire process pain free.  I really appreciated her diligence in spelling out each of the required steps, pros and cons of various strategies and prompt follow up. I highly recommend her.

Ken H.
Palo Alto, CA

Robin has been an amazing resource during the most challenging thing I have been through in my life. I am very thankful to have found her service and hired her. She is very responsive and handles details.

Ron C.
Livermore, CA

Robin saved me from a very bad car purchase.   I got taken by a dealer and they refused to unwind the deal.  Robin made a few phone calls and got them to unwind my new car purchase, refund me all my money and return my trade in to me.   Saved me from a big mistake.  Robin used to be a dealer so she knows the industry.  The dealer told me to sick my "dog" off of them.

Ron B-Sacramento

Robin is a LIFE SAVER! She did not have to reach out and help me at all but she did and helped me out so much, I have no idea on how to thank her. She had noticed a negative review I had left with California Legal pros. She contacted me inquiring my situation. Little did she know I needed her help! BADLY. The company I had hired was a company that she had been employed with before and knew that they did not know what they were doing.

My situation was very time sensitive and VERY stressful. I was at a loss when she had contacted me. The company I had hired had dropped the ball and did not complete the default of possession in time. Which let my tenant respond to my complaint which of course prolonged my case and which meant I was still losing money, when my tenants should have been out of my property. She went over all my papers and my case and presented me with all the mistakes that CLP had made and helped me prepare for what the judge might question me on since CLP had screwed up so horribly.

She did everything she could on her end, prepare the paperwork for what could happen, walk me through the possibilities, and try the best she could to correct the mistakes from CLP. In the end she helped me get my ultimate goal of getting out the tenants. She did all this without getting paid a dime! She is a true angel and even though I took much of her time and she had her own work to do, she still answered everyone of my texts and calls.

She also wrote an extensive essay pointing out the issues that CLP had made for me and I got a full refund for there horrible services.

Robin is a true angel. She saw someone in need and without a thought she helped me when most in this world wouldn't bother. I am so thankful for her!

Shay K, Sacramento

Robin helped me through a difficult time in my life and I greatly appreciated her honesty, attentiveness, integrity and compassion throughout it all.

Robin was always there when I needed to speak with her and consistently provided clear and concise communication. Whether by E-mail, text message or phone, Robin was there to speak with me right away and answer all of my questions.

I would recommend Robin and her services to anyone.

Jennifer G, Livermore

Robin was extremely diligent and helpful in helping work through issues I was having with another service I had hired to handle my divorce case. She went over and above to make sure my divorce paperwork was handled properly and I got the judgement that I was looking for. She is a woman of exceptional integrity; and anyone considering using her services should rest assured that they are making a very good decision in putting their trust in her. I really can't thank her enough for her help!

Donna M, Lodi

I have used Robin on 2 separate occasions.  The first and most important had to do with a home my wife and I purchased at a bank foreclosure auction.  Although we were aware that the home we purchased still had the previous owner living in it, and we would need to get him out, we had no Idea how difficult it would be. Robin was great.  Professional and efficient throughout the entire ordeal. I was so happy to represent myself in the court room after watching high priced lawyers fumble through papers and ask clients for answers they should have known.  Robin helped coach me on what to say and how to say it. In short order the cops showed up to the house and physically removed the squatter and his girlfriend from our home.  My wife and I are very happy with the outcome and help we received from California Legal Services. Our 2nd experience with Robin has to do with a used car our son purchased from a very shady car lot.  I won't get into the details of this case, but long story short, after one call and a properly worded letter, the dealership was calling us to make arrangements to take the car back and give our son his money back.  We have already recommended Robin to our family and friends.  Thanks for all your help Robin.  If we ever need legal help we know where to go.

Cody & Joanne Burns
Cody B-San Diego

My family and I have used the services of California Legal Services on several occasions with positive results. We searched on the internet for many other local eviction services, each advertises as if they were local. After calling their "1-800" numbers, we discovered most were in another states, Robin Hill was/is local. Robin is very professional and knowledgeable in California Rental Laws; this is the area where we needed help. She was able to answer all of our questions and give professional opinions. I will definitely use the services of California Legal Services in the future and recommend them to my friends, family, and colleagues.

Jason H, Sacramento

We rented our house to three adults and three children. The adults had good credit and a reference from their previous landlord of five years. We were not sophisticated enough to see what lay ahead.

Within one month they were breaking the terms of their lease including smoking, moving a pet in, having additional people living there. They were paying their rent on time but the neighbors were becoming concerned about activity. I contacted a lawyer and was advised that if there are children living there and rent is current that it would be difficult to evict them because courts favor tenants when children are involved.

Six months into the lease parole officers were showing up at the door and three cars were parked on the street registered to people who were not on the lease.

Ten months into the lease I was contacted by the City of Sacramento that I had created a public nuisance and was subject to a $25,000 fine.

I contacted Robin. She sent the tenants a three-day notice. The tenants contacted me and I deferred all communication to Robin. Robin had the tenants sign an agreement that they would pay for the $450 legal fees, move out by the end of the month (10 days), remove all personal items and clean the house.

Yes, you guessed it-it all happened like clock work. The neighbors were sure that they would trash the place and they did not.

They even piled everything in the street and paid $91 to have the trash collector pick it all up.

If you are having tenant problems, Robin Hill is the one to call.

I am so thankful that my daughter recommended Robin Hill