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Legal Documents Become Uncomplicated with Our Assistance

In some situations, involving attorneys makes matters even more difficult and costly. Keep your legal expenses as low as possible with legal document assistance from California Legal Services in Livermore. We work hand and hand with each client to encompass your needs. Our team also typically responds the same day for notary services, which start at just $10.

Divorce Papers

Making Divorce Official

We act as the middle man for couples who are not speaking to one another, but willing to cooperate with us for a fraction of the cost a divorce attorney would charge. California Legal Services prepares the 10 to 12 legal forms and marital settlement agreement—the key to gaining approval from the judge to finalize the divorce. Our reasonable fees start as low as $350.

Areas of Divorce:

Summery Dissolution | Uncontested Divorce by Default | Uncontested Divorce by Agreement | Legal Separation

Settling Small Claims

During the initial consultation, we discuss your circumstances in detail, assess the statute of limitations, review the eligible claim amount, and go over the filing process. You will receive an agreement pack with the prices outlined to complete and sign before work begins. Our preparers assist in analyzation, separation, and filing of your claim, and then through judgment recovery. Rates start at $99 per case.

Custom Living Trusts

You may set up a living trust at any time to divide assets among heirs. This enables you to avoid probate being hit for high attorney fees. After you fill out a questionnaire, we create your customized living will, including retitling property to ensure retirement funds are distributed according to your wishes. Cost starts at $250.

Legal Documents

Both Sides of Evictions

California Legal Services helps tenants prepare correct documents to preserve their rights and guides landlords in the eviction process. We have extensive knowledge of the court system and know loopholes or road blocks that could potentially cause problems for either side. Putting ourselves in your shoes, we understand time is of the essence and will come to you if necessary. Our eviction fees start at $75.